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Enshi Grand Canyon | in the grey misty rain of the canyon
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In June this year, on a drizzly day, I walked into Enshi Grand Canyon again, nearly a year since my first visit。In a year, I didn't write about how amazing the Grand Canyon view was to me?How can I sing?Perhaps, I have not been able to uncover her mysterious veil, the inner blank gradually filled。

Open the misty fantasy, is a clear and distant breeze and white clouds, is a que Xiu language Jin Ci soft and gentle。Enshi Grand Canyon in the sky, Yunlong gap flows through thousands of years, through the history of the clouds, in the change of the four seasons, croon yesterday's past, waiting for a predestined person, in the natural story to read all this。Then, keep the time to tell quietly, a day, a year, perhaps a lifetime。

Time is so sentient and righteous, when I walk into the ground again, it has a very different impression。When the hot sun through the canyon seems to be a little gentle, the air with a warm breath, clear water silk hanging in the mountains between the rocks, splashing, such as flying beads rolling jade。And I, not other peers so hurried, stop and go, carefully enjoy the scenery in front of me。

When the pace of pursuit stands at a new starting point, the most surprising to me is the waterfall from the top of the mountain, the cloud stampede stone, aroused broken jade flying flowers, Yin Ling sound, like a guqin graceful, sometimes clear, sometimes slow, sometimes high, sometimes low。The sun casts, evoking a rainbow, the sound of the ravine water, if the heart is Miao Lian, I would like to sit in the small pavilion by the canyon, even if the whole body is cold, but also to keep this rare pure and beautiful。

Stopping on the SLATE path of green moss, looking back from the ground through the road, remember your sleeves fluttering, remember him walking, empty valley empty people, non-dream non-shadow, left the cloud dragon seam, and where to find a meeting is a lifetime commitment?

Enshi Grand Canyon has many scenic spots, each with different scenery and different benefits。Into the canyon, looking up at the thin line of Fengling, such a scene, as if it is a magnificent mountain, mercilessly split by the years of killing pig knife, washed by time, presenting this cliff scenery。Through it, the sun tries to break through the clouds, to nourish these wet and green corners with her passionate warmth, so that the hidden beauty of the light is full。

The most charming is the number of the thrilling cliff path, like a string of slender West Angkap belt, embedded in the handsome mountainside, it is the paradise of the brave, it is the nightmare of the timid。Fellow Dalian critic Spicy Jiang told me: travel should be regarded as the spice of life, is a relaxed and pleasant thing, the so-called thrill and terror, but to scare themselves。Then he sat on the railing, put out a roc wings, like an eagle roar, startled me out of a cold sweat, when I got up the courage to approach the railing, the legs also very unmatched trembling。After walking the boardwalk, looking at the beautiful scenery such as the dangerous peaks and cliffs in front of me, in this valley that needs the sky, I am eager to fly down from the blue sky like Dean Porter, with the wings of the spirit, to enjoy the thousands of beautiful scenery in front of me again。

Walking in the valley winding path, listening to folk songs rise and fall, feel pure heaven and earth。In the light breeze and drizzle, there is a Buddhist sutra in front of my eyes, and its name is: Buddha incense a mulberry field rain。A incense stick is the most zen pen of nature in this place, if it is soaked by clouds and smoke, the lead China is washed away, and the dust does not fall, like the quiet water lily before the Buddha, or the bright and pure bodhi, perhaps it is the column of incense that does not extinguish the Brahma, in the scenery of people coming and going, the smoke wreathed, blessing sentient beings。

In the walk of life, we are always in pursuit of beautiful scenery, but often ignore the beauty of those who have passed by。Smoke and dust drift, the wind and clouds disperse, may the hasty pace of the traveler in the Grand Canyon slow, this ridge Cangshan, this green, this bowl of jade dew, enough to let you stay for this。

Daughter village in the middle of the night, quiet can only hear the heartbeat and the rain outside the window, the table that tea has been cool for a long time。In the face of this fruitful harvest, the sense of loss before parting makes me difficult to sleep。If the beautiful encounter, is destined to be turned away from the discrete, why regret such a possession。If the short separation is for the surprise of another meeting, why can't you calmly enjoy this loneliness and coolness。At this time, my mind recalls, on the way back from the Seven star Village view area, the car they sing the song: what say the king power and wealth, afraid of what commandments and regulations, only willing to last forever, and my heart in the people closely follow...Is sincere, is joy, is not giving up, is happiness。

After a few years, we put down our worldly belongings and settled in the place where we once were。At that time, maybe the courtyard is in full bloom, maybe it is a summer rain, maybe your poem still keeps his narration。And I, just quietly tasting the cup of jade dew, from early morning to dusk, and the return of Yunyan together to guard the Grand Canyon, write down the daughter village this section of Danqing old things。As for the loss and pride of life, why mention it, only hope that she remembers that a Bashan Lang has come, it will be enough。

Peace of mind, is my home。


Zhou Zhihao