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Sedan bearers in Enshi Grand Canyon water happy life with sweat
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Deep in the white clouds is Liu Yingcai's home

  The Enshi Grand Canyon in Hubei Province is known as "the most beautiful scar on the earth". In this place where tourists flow continuously, there are many sedan bearers carrying sliding poles to provide services for tourists. Liu Yingcai is one of these many sedan bearers。
  Liu Yingcai,I am 48 years old,Is Enshi Grand Canyon scenic management Office Qianshan village villagers,He spent his early years supporting his family,He often travels to neighboring provinces to work,Worked as a coal miner,Worked as a construction worker,Since Enshi Grand Canyon scenic area development to welcome visitors,He ended his itinerant working life,Back home,Enshi Grand Canyon scenic spot engaged in sedan chair carrier work。
  There are now five people in Liu Yingcai's family, including an elderly mother and a virtuous wife. The oldest son is already working and the youngest son is studying。Liu Yingcai believes that it is a very happy thing to be able to stay by the side of his family and work at his own door, and he no longer has to leave his hometown and go out to work。
  Every morning,Liu Yingcai set off to work with the rising sun,With your mates,With a sliding pole to greet tourists from all over the world,While carrying the tourists along,While introducing the beautiful scenery and customs of the Grand Canyon to visitors,On the road to Enshi Grand Canyon sightseeing,Their yellow overalls stand out,Tourists praise them as little bees navigating the landscape。
  Sedan bearers working in the Enshi Grand Canyon,When there are many tourists,The daily income is around one thousand yuan,Usually can have an income of about 500,Liu Yingcai is in this picturesque scenic spot,Working hard,He uses his own hard work,At the peak of the Enshi Grand Canyon,Investment of 400,000,A bright and spacious three-story house was erected,Built a happy home。
  Into Liu Yingcai's new home, the floor in the room was paved, the furniture was bought back, the floor curtains were hung, and the network cable was introduced into the home, and the two children were equipped with a computer。Liu Yingcai's lover, the room layout is clean and neat, warm and chic, I can see that the hostess is particularly satisfied with her new home。
  When Liu Yingcai returned home after work every day, his wife would serve him a good tea, put on a prepared meal, and then open a bottle of beer for him, so that Liu Yingcai could supplement his nutrition and get a good rest after a hard day。The family sat together, while eating, while listening to Liu Yingcai to tell you about the day, happy, happy。
  Liu Yingcai's home is at the top of the Enshi Grand Canyon,The trees are thick here.,Fresh air,Cool and pleasant in summer,According to this natural condition,Mr. Liu has a new plan,He plans to redecorate the second and third floors next year,Open a farm,Accommodation is provided for visitors,Let more friends,Can come to Enshi Grand Canyon to enjoy the cool here,Enjoy the beauty of the place。
  This is the story of Enshi Grand Canyon sedan chair master, they guard their homes, with the drop of sweat, in the beautiful scenery of the depths of the white cloud, irrigate the happy flowers, and enjoy the ordinary life。