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Hubei Yunzhong lake passenger ropeway limited branch
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  Shilongxia ropeway is the first alpine passenger ropeway in southern Hubei Province. The ropeway is located on the side of Yunzhong Lake, a beautiful mountain lake in Jiugong Mountain Scenic Spot. It is an important transportation facility connecting Yunzhong Lake to Shilongxia Scenic spot。The use of fully enclosed 6-person car, the total number of car 36, the maximum running speed of 5 meters/second, one-way running time of about 6.37 minutes, the design transport capacity of 1000 people/hour。The scenery along the ropeway is beautiful, showing the nine palace mountain danger, steep, strange, show, while you enjoy the beautiful scenery, please also take care of the equipment and environment of the ropeway, abide by the order, do not paint the car body, do not smoke in the elevator, do not throw rubbish out the window, do not crowd the upper and lower lifting boxes when you arrive at the station, obey the staff arrangement。

  Ropeway is a very safe transportation equipment, please rest assured。Such as power failure, lightning, wind and other situations during the ride,The sensitive safety protection system of the cableway will ensure everyone's safety,Please remain calm,Wait patiently,Pay attention to the radio,Do not engage in improper conduct,Avoid danger,Please enjoy the beautiful scenery while you wait,Crews will resume operations as soon as possible,If you feel uncomfortable while riding the cableway,Please contact our staff,The phone number is 0715-2065554
  The off-season is 8:30-17:30 (November ~ May), the peak season is 8:00-18:00 (May ~ October), please arrange the tour time reasonably, so as not to affect the schedule。

  Thank you for your strong support to our work, I wish you a pleasant trip!

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