Party building work
Convey, study and implement the spirit of the Party's 20 major, Hubei Tourism shares in the cloud lake branch in action
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10月30日,Hubei Tourism shares Yunzhonghu branch to implement the party's 20 great spirit,For the purpose of consolidating the safety foundation,Strive to build the second "Whampoa Military Academy" of Hubei Travel shares as the goal,Create "Make safety a habit,Make habits safer "atmosphere,Identify production safety risks in each area of the company and carry out seasonal safety knowledge training。

Company leaders and heads of departments have inspected the operation of facilities and equipment to the ropeway station room, the ropeway ticket inspection hall, the ropeway control room, the office area and other places。After the inspection, the safety knowledge training of climbing operation was organized in the conference room to enhance the safety knowledge of employees working at height, establish safety ideas, develop safety awareness, and promote the stability of safety production and work。

Ropeway facilities and equipment operation safety inspection

Organize safety knowledge training

The person in charge of the technical department learns and exchanges about common types of high altitude operations, case analysis of high altitude accidents, hidden dangers investigation of high altitude operations, risk management of high altitude operations and safe use of ladders,Strengthen the identification of high fall risk before operation and the risk supervision of operation process,Reduce unsafe behavior of operators,Enhance the safety awareness and self-protection ability of operators,Comprehensive approach,Effectively curb the occurrence of high fall accidents。

After the training is completed, the company leader emphasizes,Safety officers have great responsibilities on site when working at altitude,Arduous task,Through this training,All employees are required to keep the safety production knowledge of ropeway in mind and memorized in heart,It is necessary to further strengthen the awareness of safety production responsibility and improve safety production protection measures,We must combine the study, publicity and implementation of the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress with practical work,Remember your duties in your daily work,Take responsibility on your shoulders,Ensure steady development of work safety,Contribute to the continuous stability of the company's security situation。