Party building work
The twenty spirit is deeply rooted in the hearts of employees, and the implementation of the experience in action is compiled
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      连日来,习近平总书记所作的党的二十大报告在湖北文旅大清江公司持续引发热烈反响,公司兴起学习宣传贯彻党的二十大精神热潮。党员Cadres and employees connect with reality, apply what they have learned, talk about their experiences and perceptions in combination with their positions, actively plan new ideas for the development of their departments and companies, and put the Party's 20 great spirits into practice。

Party Member: Xiang Yong

全程观看学习习近平总书记所作的报告后,我倍感振奋和鼓舞。The Party's 20th National Congress not only summarized the work of the past five years and the great changes of the decade in the new era, but also scientifically and systematically planned the goals, tasks and major policies for the development of the Party and the country's cause in the next five years and even longer。As a party member, I will study the contents of the report in depth and earnestly unify my thoughts and actions into the spirit of the Party's Twenty Congresses。In the political more firm consciousness, more pioneering and innovative in the work, more pragmatic in the style of play, focus on building a strong fighting fortress, build a good working mechanism, promote the long-term mechanism of safety production, to provide a strong guarantee for the company's high-quality development。

Party Member: Choi Kwon-young

As a Party member, I will continue to study deeply, earnestly unify my thoughts and actions into the spirit of the Party's Twenty Congresses, and resolutely support it"Two establishment", always achieve "two maintenance", and further enhance political consciousness, ideological consciousness, and action consciousness。On the new road to the examination 踔厉 work hard, forge ahead with courage and perseverance, and effectively transform the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress into a powerful driving force for promoting high standards of work。As a financial worker in a state-owned enterprise, I must adhere to principles, firmly grasp the bottom line, never forget the original intention in project construction, honesty and self-discipline, do a good job in logistics support, and contribute my share to the construction of a first-class cultural travel enterprise。

Probationary Party member: Li Jie

By carefully watching the 20 live broadcast and learning the spirit of the Party's 20,My heart is overflowing,Feel deeply,As a probationary Party member and a front-line employee of a state-owned enterprise,I am glad to be born in this good era of respect for knowledge, respect for talent, respect for labor and respect for creation,The report of the Party's 20th National Congress is magnificent, rich and inspiring,I will be guided by the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress,Always study, publicize and implement the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress,Based on one's own duty,Do more work and do practical things,Truly contribute to the development of the company。

Active Party member: Huang Zeyan

As an employee of a state-owned enterprise and an active member of the Party, I will combine my own work to learn and understand the Party's 20 major spirits, unify thoughts and actions into the Party's 20 major spirits, apply what I learn, correct my work attitude and carry forwardThe spirit of hard work, refuse to lie flat, and strive to grow into a cadre of state-owned enterprises with ideals, dare to bear hardships, and be willing to struggle"Seize the day, live up to your time" attitude of struggle, strive to be the responsibility of the new era, the striver,Shoulder new responsibilities, take a new journey, and contribute their own strength to the development of the company。

Party applicant: Qin Shuang

收看学习习近平总书记所做的工作报告,感触很深、收获满满。As an employee of a state-owned enterprise, it is necessary to have the ability to perform duties and excellent business ability。From Xu Liping, a great craftsman, to Huang Xuhua, the father of nuclear submarines, they explored and firmly pursued countless failures through in-depth exploration of their own business fields, thus leaving a bright pearl for the great cause of China。As a successor in the new era, do things to carry forward the spirit of nails, step by step。In daily work, I constantly seek directions from leaders, learn law with colleagues, and build myself into a pioneer and generalist, and effectively contribute to the development of the company。

Member: Zhou Hui

Study the report of the Party's 20th National Congress,令我Reap a good harvestCountless historical achievements show the Party's outstanding answer to history and the people。As a new eraYouth, an active member of the party我将With the youth of me, do the struggle of me, the loyalty and clean play into the soul, cast into the postMore should be combined with their own work, unityAround the youth and company colleagues,Follow the Party closely in thought and action步伐Focus on the center and serve the overall situationBased on the position,Forge aheadContribute youth strength to high-quality development in the new era, 踔厉 and strive for a new journey。 

Middle management: Hu Zhihong

Through learning the spirit of the Party's 20, as a state-owned enterprise employee, to maintain a high degree of consistency with the central Committee of the Party in ideology, politics and action, dare to take on the burden, strengthen their own literacy, in the comprehensive office post, to be able to bear hardships and stand hard work, practice excellent skills, and useThe enterprising spirit of "roll up your sleeves and work hard", based on their own duties, 踔厉, standing at a new starting point, contributing new strength, forging ahead on a new journey, and implementing the spirit of the Party's 20 Congresses with practical actions。

Middle management: Huang Bei

习近平总书记所作的工作报告,是站在民族复兴和百年巨变的制高点上,提出的系列新思路、新战略、新举措,彰显了深厚的为民情怀、展现了宏大的战略视野、赋予了强烈的历史使命。Dream and be down-to-earth and conscientious。

Front-line employee: Chen Shixin

As a new first-line employee of a state-owned enterprise,我将Seriously focused, down-to-earth, diligent to do every ordinary little thing, while doing their own work to sharpen their personal will, hard study,Improve the ability to eliminate"Ability panic" and "knowledge shortboard", in their own postsDig intoPioneering and innovativeTake the initiative to shoulder the heavy responsibility of The Times, with the mission in the shoulder, I have a high degree of consciousness, in promoting the company's high-quality development, grow into a talent, with practical action to learn to implement the Party's 20 spirit。