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Hotel shares areIn March 2017, it was established on the basis of the share reform of Hubei Enshi Grand Canyon Tourism Development Co., LTD., which is a listing platform registered and established in Enshi Prefecture by Hubei Tourism Investment Group to promote capital poverty alleviation and integrate high-quality resources。Based on the Enshi Grand Canyon scenic spot, the company radiates the scenic spots under the Hubei Tourism Investment Group, faces the domestic and international tourism market, and is committed to bringing peace of mind and comfortable travel experience to tourists。

Since its inception,Hubei Tourism Shares to rural revitalization and poverty alleviation for the purpose of service,Under the correct leadership and strong support of the Party Committee and local government of the Group,全面贯彻落实习近平总书记关于扶贫工作的重要论述,We will earnestly implement the major arrangements made by the central and provincial party committees and governments on poverty alleviation and development,Actively fulfill the political, economic and social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises,In-depth implementation of the Hubei Tourism Investment Group tourism poverty alleviation plan,We will give full play to the comprehensive driving role of tourism,To integrate high-quality tourism resources as the main line,It took root in Enshi, a poor mountainous area in Hubei Province,In the areas of matching poverty alleviation, employment poverty alleviation, consumption poverty alleviation and industrial poverty alleviation,Work hard and overcome difficulties,Some progress has been made in poverty alleviation。

Attach great importance to it and fully support it

The General Party Branch of Hubei Tourism Group attaches great importance to the work of precise poverty alleviation, actively claims the poverty alleviation tasks assigned by Hubei Tourism and Investment Group, unites ideas and gathers consensus。The company has set up a poverty alleviation leading group with the secretary of the General Party Branch as the leader, the deputy secretary as the deputy leader, and other members as members, set up poverty alleviation posts in the Party building work Department, and designated full-time personnel to coordinate poverty alleviation work to ensure that the work is implemented。

Hubei Tourism Share poverty alleviation work site promotion meeting

According to the unified deployment of Hubei Tourism Investment Group,Zhang Xuejun, deputy secretary and general manager of the General Party Branch of Hubei Tourism Group, is the leader and first secretary of the rural work team of Hubei Tourism Investment Group,Lead the work team of E&T Group in village to improve rural infrastructure, make good use of national poverty alleviation policies, and develop a number of characteristic industries,Stick to the front line of poverty alleviation,Do it all at once3年。In April 2020, the Organization Department of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the Poverty Alleviation Office of Hubei Provincial Government commended Hubei Tourism Investment Group as the "dispatched unit of the Provincial Village Work Team with Outstanding Work in 2019", and commended Zhang Xuejun as the "Captain and first Secretary of the Provincial Village Work Team with outstanding work in 2019".。

Zhang Xuejun led the village work team in Huangjiacun village to carry out the mass discussion

E&t Group has been commended by The State Council Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation and Development"National Advanced Collective of Social Poverty Alleviation" "National Poverty Alleviation Award Organization Innovation Award","Develop a scenic spot,Protect an ecological area,Bring the economy alive,The poverty alleviation model of "getting rich is one of the people" was selected as the poverty reduction case of the World Tourism Alliance,In February 2021, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and The State Council awarded E&T Group "National Advanced Collective in Poverty Alleviation".。

Hubei Tourism Investment Group was commended for poverty alleviation

Concentrate and focus on key points

Hubei Tourism shares shoulder the mission of the main business on the main board, concentrate the advantages of strength, go all out to sprint to the listing。We will continue to seek high-quality projects, integrate high-quality resources, expand asset scale, and enhance business performance. After listing, we will achieve a breakthrough of zero listed enterprises in Enshi Prefecture, which will help promote the economic transformation and upgrading of Enshi Prefecture in poor mountainous areas of Hubei Province, comprehensively improve its competitiveness, and realize Enshi Prefecture"14th Five-Year Plan" high-quality development。At the same time, we will consolidate the position of ecological and cultural tourism as the first pillar industry of Enshi and help Enshi build a national tourism demonstration zone。

Grasp the project construction and do a good job in the construction and operation of scenic spots。Promote the transformation and upgrading of tourism infrastructure in scenic spots, improve the service quality of scenic spots, attract more tourists, and drive the surrounding residents to get rich。2019年To assist the group in the Qianshan Village and Yingshang village near the Enshi Grand Canyon scenic spotThe 8-kilometer road through the village was upgraded and reconstructed, effectively improving the inconvenience of local villagers. The project was selected as the "popular project" to serve the people and solve the problems during the theme education in Hubei Province.。

Qianshan Village, Yingshang village8 km village road after upgrading

At present, the ground cable car project of Enshi Grand Canyon scenic area has entered the equipment commissioning stage, and the Daughter Lake ropeway project of Enshi Grand Canyon and the Honghua Gorge ropeway project of Qingjiang River are under preparation。

Enshi Grand Canyon ground cable car under debugging

Create suitable jobs and facilitate the solution of employment problems。Hubei Tourism shares now90% of employees are Enshi locals。After Hubei Tourism invested in Enshi Grand Canyon, the scenic area developed rapidly, and many migrant workers returned home one after another, some found a job in the scenic area, and some opened homestays and farmhouses around the scenic area, and became the boss themselves。

Company workforce (part)

Orderly progress, effective measures

We will do a good job in fixed-point poverty alleviation and strengthen policy publicity。Hubei Tourism Shares bravely bear the responsibility of fixed-point poverty alleviation, actively do a good job of helping the Qianshan village of Enshi Grand Canyon, and help the object in pairs11 households, through timely publicity of poverty alleviation policies, support for industrial development, provide jobs and other poverty alleviation measures to ensure that the village as scheduled all out of poverty。

Visit the household to understand the basic situation of the object of help

Sympathize and help the object

Help consumption poverty alleviation, improve the awareness of participation of all staff。Affected by the novel coronavirus epidemic, the E&T Group's poverty-stricken village Huangjia Village, Jindong, Xianfeng County, is facing the problem of hindered sales of agricultural and sidelined products, mainly tea。After learning the news, Hubei Tourism Shares actively responded to the call of the headquarters, took the initiative to docking, acted quickly, and took action"Regulate official consumption, encourage trade union consumption, guide love consumption" and other measures, with full use of relevant policies, encourage employees to actively buy poverty alleviation agricultural products, with practical actions to help consumption poverty alleviation, and promote the revitalization of economic and social development of Enshi Prefecture after the epidemic。

Employees actively buy agricultural products for poverty alleviation

Organize and carry out"Walk with love Benefit donation" donation activity, employees to help the poor villages to offer love

Care for the people and unite our efforts

Keep close ties with the people and be a good Samaritan to them。The company assigns a special person as the contact person of the company's poverty alleviation point in front of the mountain village, insists on entering the household every month, listens to the appeals of the poverty alleviation objects, answers questions and doubts about the problems reflected by them, solves the problems that can be solved first, forms reports that cannot be solved to the relevant departments in a timely manner, and solves the practical difficulties and problems of the masses。Timely update and improve the Poverty Alleviation Manual, strengthen the dynamic management of poverty alleviation objects, and ensure accurate grasp of the basic situation of fixed-point assistance objects。

Publicize national policies and update poverty alleviation manuals

We will strengthen cooperation between government and enterprises to form a synergy for poverty alleviation。The company regularly carries out themed Party day activities with the Party branch of Qianshan Village,共同学习习近平总书记关于打赢脱贫攻坚战重要论述和党的十九届四中、五中全会精神,Effectively combine the Party's policies with the actual development of the cultural and tourism industry,Actively explore a new model of rural tourism development,We will improve the environment for rural tourism developmentTo form a good situation of promoting the local economy with the development of scenic spots and promoting the development of scenic spots with the construction of beautiful villages。The Party members and the masses also further realized that the development of the scenic spot is directly related to the income and happiness index of the villagers, and enhanced the sense of ownership of the scenic spot as the home。

Hubei Tourism Shares and Enshi Grand Canyon Scenic Area Management Office to jointly carry out the theme Party Day activities

The secretary of the general branch of the Party of Hubei Travel Shares gave a party class in the former mountain village