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Hubei Daily: To practice as the battle forging scenic rescue spearhead - Hubei Tourism Shares Grand Canyon Division to carry out 2023 comprehensive emergency rescue drill
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Hubei Daily client news (correspondent to Shulin, Hu Chengyong, Tong Geng) June 18,Enshi Grand Canyon scenic area to carry out scenic car, passenger ropeway, ground cable car comprehensive emergency rescue drill,The leaders of Hubei Tourism Group, the leaders of the Enshi Grand Canyon scenic area and the relevant responsible comrades of the competent industry departments participated in this activity,The exercise was organized and implemented by the Grand Canyon Division of Hubei Tourism Corporation。

"Report the control room!CNR has a serious mechanical failure, request rescue and evacuation of tourists, please instruct!""Organize rescue immediately!"At 7:30, with the command of the chief commander of the drill site, the 2023 comprehensive emergency rescue drill of the Grand Canyon Division of Hubei Tourism Shares began from the rescue of the ground cable car line。

The drill simulates the sudden mechanical failure of the ground cable car, a number of tourists are trapped on the ground cable car viaduct, and the ground cable car control room reports the on-site command immediately after receiving the rescue request, and starts the line rescue in time。After receiving instructions, the rescue team quickly rushed to the rescue site, while the car operator began to prepare the rescue ladder and reassure the tourists, the rescue personnel opened the car door and began to set up the rescue ladder, the car operator guided the passengers: "Please line up, get off in an orderly manner, pay attention to safety.。Along the rescue line, there are constantly staff reminding tourists: "Pay attention to the handrail, pay attention to your feet, and follow the orderly return of rescue workers."。At 7:50, the trapped passengers were safely evacuated。

At 8:30, the road transport comprehensive emergency rescue drill began。The simulation exercise simulates the scenic vehicle carrying tourists on the way, due to hot weather, aging vehicle lines, the engine suddenly caught fire, resulting in the vehicle can not drive, in the case of the door can not be opened, the driver timely to carry out self-rescue, on-site disposal groups timely evacuation guidance, fire rescue, personnel transfer, medical aid。

At 13:00, the passenger ropeway emergency rescue drill officially began。The drill simulated the sudden mechanical failure of the passenger ropeway, and 3 tourists were trapped in the overhead cab. After receiving the distress signal, the control room of the ropeway immediately reported and conducted line investigation, launched the emergency rescue plan in time, and took horizontal rescue measures to rescue the trapped people。Groups of rescue forces quickly arrived at the scene,A rescue operation was launched immediately,The warning team sealed off the scene of the accident;The medical team is ready to assist at any time;The rescue team quickly climbed onto the tower maintenance platform,Use the safety rope suspension method to approach the elevator to rescue;The ropeway broadcast non-stop to calm the air tourists as the rescue progressed,After nearly 40 minutes of intense and orderly rescue,Three stranded tourists arrived safely on the ground,The emergency rescue drill was successfully concluded。

After the end of each exercise, the on-site summary meeting was held in turn, and it was believed that the exercise was fully prepared, responded quickly, commanded strongly, skilled, operated in a standardized manner, cooperated closely, handled properly, and was safe and orderly, and achieved the expected effect。It is emphasized that the safety management of special equipment should be further strengthened,Implement the main responsibility of special equipment safety,Strengthen the foundation for emergency management,We will improve special emergency plans for special equipment accidents,Conduct emergency drills regularly,Improve the ability to prevent and deal with emergencies;Take the initiative to investigate risks and hidden dangers,In accordance with "Safety first,The principle of "prevention first",Adhere to early detection, early warning, early control, and early handling,To combine prevention with emergency,Minimize the occurrence of accidents;It is necessary to strengthen the training of special equipment safety managers, operators and service personnel,Do routine patrol and emergency duty,Ensure the safe operation of special equipment。

By carrying out emergency rescue drills,Effectively prevent and minimize the casualties, property losses and impact on the public society caused by emergencies,The emergency ability and various emergency rescue measures of the rescue team were tested by actual combat,Enhance the employee's sense of responsibility,The collaboration among various departments has been promoted,The shortcomings are tested,It provides a strong guarantee for better completing all kinds of emergency rescue tasks,For the majority of tourists to create a more comfortable and safe tourism environment。