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Enshi Evening News: The province's first Enshi Grand Canyon ground cable car put into operation
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The first article in the province

Enshi Grand Canyon ground cable car put into operation

One map (separate map) Ground cable car (1433190)-20210428082138

The sightseeing cable car runs in the Enshi Grand Canyon scenic area。

Enshi Evening News (all media reporter Zou Mingzhen correspondent Zheng Yu) On April 27, Hubei's first ground sightseeing cable car - Enshi Grand Canyon ground cable car officially put into operation。

It is understood that the Enshi Grand Canyon ground cable car is currently the world's largest volume, the most advanced technology, the fastest running domestic ground sightseeing cable car, but also the first ground cable car in the province。The whole set of equipment is provided by the French company Poma。

The cable car is located between the Daughter Lake Visitor Center and the passenger ropeway station, and is the main means of transportation into the Earth Seam scenic area and the Qixingzhai scenic area。The cable car line is 1028 meters long, the maximum operating speed is 12 meters/second, the design capacity is 4100 people/hour, the design of two stations。

After the cable car is put into operation, it will improve the traffic capacity of Enshi Grand Canyon scenic spot, greatly improve the service reception capacity and security level of the scenic spot。

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