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Enshi Grand Canyon ropeway exit and Gan Yan Tang return center pavement repair project inquiry announcement
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Hubei Hubei Tourism Investment Tourism Development Co., LTDEnshi Grand Canyon ropeway exitKam weirReturn centerPavement maintenance worksFor inquiry procurement, welcome qualified potential suppliers to come to quote。

I. Project overview and bidding scope

1. Project name:Enshi Grand Canyon ropeway exitKam weirReturn centerPavement maintenance works

2. Project Number: ELGF-GC-20231001

3. Project address: Enshi Grand Canyon Scenic Area。

4. Project Overview: The main construction contents of the project include the pavement maintenance of the exit of the Enshi Grand Canyon ropeway station and the designated section of the road surface of the Ganyan Tang return center, including pit treatment, sprinkling of modified asphalt sticky layer oil, asphalt concrete surface construction, etc。

5. Procurement Scope of this tender:All the contents of the bill of quantities and the contents required by the Employer on site。

6. Construction period: 20 calendar days。

7. Procurement budget: 95425.$81 (in words: $95,000 Four hundred and twenty five eighty-one per cent), this estimate is the maximum price, and any supplier's bid exceeding this estimate will be deemed invalid。

8, quality requirements: to meet the current national construction acceptance standards。

2. Supplier qualification requirements

1, meet the "People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law" Article 22, namely:

1) Have the ability to independently bear civil liability;

2) Have a good business reputation and sound financial accounting system;

3) Having the necessary equipment and professional technical capability for the performance of the contract;

4) Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds according to law;

5) Within three years before participating in government procurement activities, there is no major illegal record in business activities;

6) Other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations。

2, the supplier must have:

(1) The municipal engineering construction general contracting Grade 3 or above issued by the construction administrative department, and has the safety production license issued by the construction administrative department, and has the corresponding construction capacity in personnel, equipment, funds, etc.;

② The project manager to be assigned has a major in municipal engineeringGrade and above registered construction engineer qualification certificate, safety production assessmentCertificate B (According to the requirements of document No. 15 of Hubei Construction Office [2017], the information of security management assessment certificate personnel printed by enterprises on the Internet has the same effect(The same below), the project manager must be the registered personnel of the unit, and there are no other projects under construction;The technical leader of the project has intermediate or above construction title certificate;The main management personnel have corresponding post certificates, and the safety personnel have safe productionClass C certificate;The project team has corresponding professional experience, and the members have corresponding qualifications and are staff of the unit;

Nearly three years (offer deadline pushed36 months) have at least one itemThe performance of similar projects shall be subject to the signing time of the contract。

3, the supplier has a valid legal person business license or three certificates in one certificate, may not bid in the name of the branch, the unit that responds to the document must use its legal person seal, the branch seal is invalid。

4、根据《关于落实 <恩施州建设领域劳动者工资支付保障实施方法 >相关规定的意见》(恩施州人社发[2016]23号)文的规定及补充通知(恩施州人社函[2017]35号文),Supplier from the deadline of submission of quotation documents,There is no situation in which the workers are subject to administrative punishment due to illegal arrears of wages and within the time limit of administrative punishment, or the people's court has ruled that the wages of the workers are overdue and the execution has not been completed or the implementation has not been voluntarily completed。(The bidder should make a commitment, otherwise the bidder's bid will be rejected)

5、Suppliers are not listed on the Credit China website(, China Government Procurement Website ( credit record dishonesty enforcement persons, major tax violation cases party list, government procurement serious illegal dishonesty record list (provide website query screenshot scan)。 

6. Joint bids are not accepted in this tender。

3. Qualification examination method

This project adopts post-qualification examination。

4. Site survey

The bidder shall go to the reconnaissance by himself, and the reconnaissance expenses and related safety shall be borne by the bidder。

Validity of bid: Bid documentsAfter the submission deadline60日历

6. Registration time, method and place

1. Registration time: 17:00 on October 12, 2023 - October 16, 2023End, every morning8:30 to 12:00, 14:30 to 17:00 (Beijing time, the same below)。

2. Registration method: Please take the original letter of authorization of the legal representative, the ID card of the entrusted agent, the copy of the business license (three certificates in one), the company qualification certificate, the copy of the project leader certificate and a set of company fresh seal to the registration place to fill in the Registration Form of the Bidder.,It is necessary to ensure that the content filled in is true, complete, effective and consistent,Any loss related to the project caused by the wrong information filled in by the potential bidder shall be borne by the potential bidder。

3. Registration locationHubei Hubei Tourism Investment Tourism Development Co., LTD. (Longfeng Eco-City Yue Ting, Jingui Road, Enshi City3-7), this program does not accept fax, telephone, mail, email registration。

Vii. Deadline for submission of quotation documents and time and place of bid opening

1. Deadline for submission of quotation documents and bid opening time: 9:30 on October 17, 2023。

2. Place of submission of quotation documents: Yue Ting, Longfeng Eco-City, Jinzi Road, Jingui Avenue, Enshi3-7 Hubei Hubei Tourism Investment Tourism Development Co., LTD。

Viii. Media for announcement

Hubei Hubei Tourism Investment Tourism Development Co., LTD. (。

Ix. Bidding contact person and contact information

1. Contact person: Ms. Wei

2、Contact number:18071725006


Inquiry document

Bid registration form

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