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Announcement of competitive consultation on construction drawing design project of Enshi Grand Canyon cableway station to add corridor construction
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Our company plans to purchase the construction drawing design project of Enshi Grand Canyon cableway station to build an additional corridor by competitive negotiation, and we hereby invite your company to participate in the negotiation of this project。

I. Basic information of the project

1.Project Number: ELGF-GC-20231002

2.Project name: Enshi Grand Canyon ropeway station to add corridor construction drawing design project

3.Procurement method: competitive negotiation

4.Budget amount: 128,000.00元

5.Project scale: Enshi Grand Canyon ropeway station plaza, viewing platform, ground cable car station ticket gate and bridge to build additional corridors, corridor length of about 375 meters, construction surface积约1600 square meters, the specific requirements of the tenderer shall prevail。

6.Bidding scope: Complete construction drawing design and construction site design services as required。

7.Technical requirements:1)The design plan must be in harmony with the original corridor and surrounding architectural style;2)Consider the extreme weather in the Grand Canyon scenic area;3)The design of flyover part needs to be checked.4)The design must meet the design specifications and use requirements。

8.Business requirements:1)The closing supplier is responsible for the design of the construction drawings in the relevant professional areas involved and provides the final construction blueprints5份;(2) The construction drawing design shall be completed and delivered to the tenderee within 30 days after the signing of the contract, and the later service shall be provided until the completion and acceptance of the project。

2. Bidder qualification requirements

1.The following conditions are met:

1) Have the ability to independently bear civil liability;

2) Have a good business reputation and sound financial accounting system;

3) Having the necessary equipment and professional technical capability for the performance of the contract;

4) Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds according to law;

5) Within three years before participating in procurement activities, there is no major illegal record in business activities

6) Other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations

2.Bidders must have:

(1) Grade B or above qualification for the special design of the construction industry (construction engineering) and landscape engineering issued by the construction administrative department;

② The person in charge of the project to be assigned must have the relevant professional title and be an employee of the unit;

Nearly three years (offer deadline pushed36 months) have at least one itemThe performance of similar projects shall be subject to the signing time of the contract。

3.The person in charge of the unit is the same person or different suppliers with direct holding and management relationship shall not participate in the procurement activities under the same contract of this project。

4.Those who provide overall design, specification preparation, project management, supervision, testing and other services for the procurement project shall not participate in other bidding and procurement activities of the project。

5.The bidder shall not bid in the name of the branch company, and the seal of the unit in the bid document shall be the official seal of its legal person, and the seal of the branch company shall be invalid。

6.applicantNot listed on Credit China website(, China Government Procurement Website ( credit record dishonesty enforcement persons, major tax violation cases party list, government procurement serious illegal dishonesty record list (provide website query screenshot scan)。

7.In accordance with the "On Implementation <恩施州建设领域劳动者工资支付保障实施方法 >相关规定的意见》(恩施州人社发[2016]23号)文的规定及补充通知(恩施州人社函[2017]35号文),供应商自At the time of submission of the bidding documents, there is no situation in which the workers' wages are illegally delayed and are subject to administrative punishment within the period of administrative punishment, or the workers' wages are delayed by the people's court and have not been implemented or have not been voluntarily fulfilled。(The bidder should make a commitment, otherwise the bidder's bid will be rejected)

8.Joint bids are not accepted for this project。

3. Qualification examination method

This project adopts post-qualification examination。

4. Site survey

Bidders make their own reconnaissance trips。

Validity of bid: Bid documentsAfter the submission deadline60日历天。

6. Registration time, method and place

1.时间:2023年10月12日至2023年10月18Day, every morning08:30 to 12:00, 14:30 to 17:30 (Beijing time, except public holidays)。

2.地点:Hubei Hubei Tourism Investment Tourism Development Co., LTD. (Enshi City Longfeng Ecological city Yue Ting3-7)

3.Registration method: Please take the original letter of authorization of the legal representative, the ID card of the entrusted agent, the copy of the business license (three certificates in one), the company qualification certificate, the copy of the project leader certificate and a set of company fresh seal to the registration place to fill in the Registration Form of the Bidder.,It is necessary to ensure that the content filled in is true, complete, effective and consistent,Any loss related to the project caused by the wrong information filled in by the potential bidder shall be borne by the potential bidder。

7. Deadline for submission of response documents and time and place of bid opening

1.Deadline for submission of response documents and bid opening: 9:30, October 23, 2023。

2.Response document delivery location: Yue Ting, Longfeng Eco-City, Jinzi Road, Jingui Avenue, Enshi3-7 Hubei Hubei Tourism Investment Tourism Development Co., LTD。

Viii. Bid evaluation Methods

The bid inviter shall organize bid evaluation on its own and determine the winning bidder。

9. Media for announcement

Hubei Hubei Tourism Investment Tourism Development Co., LTD. (。

10. Purchaser's information

1.Name: Hubei Hubei Tourism Investment Tourism Development Co., LTD

2.地址:Enshi City Jingui Avenue Jingui Road Longfeng ecological city Yue Ting3-7

3.Contact: Ms. Wei

4.Contact number:18071725006

Hubei Hubei Tourism Investment Tourism Development Co., LTD

October 12, 2023


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